Some stuff about me...

Welcome to my little corner of the web. My name is Dave Wanta, and you may know me (or not) from some of my other sites

Web Sites is an ASP.NET Directory site. I publish new links, tutorials, and products that I find around the web.
kbAlertz is a website that emails subscribers every time MS publishes new KBs.
Advanced Intellect LLC is my company, which I started based upon writing and creating aspNetEmail . Some of my friends have asked me "Why would you put up a site that helps out your competition, and prevents people from buying aspNetEmail?" Well, I believe in using the correct tool for the job. And if System.Net.Mail works for what you need to do, then that is great. The last thing I would want, is an uninformed customer who later finds out they didn’t need to buy my product. And I think System.Net.Mail is adequate for sending 1sies and 2sies of email. But if you want real email power, developers and consultants who need to rely on email will purchase aspNetEmail.  I wrote it so it could be specifically used in enterprise applications. It is extremely fast, yet feature rich, and goes well beyond what System.Net.Mail does.

Contributing Author
I've also helped co author a few books.

ASP.NET Professional Secrets

The ASP.NET Bible.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my little faq about System.Net.Mail, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at