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1.4 What is a relay server? Printer Friendly

A relay is a service that allows you to send email. It is usually a full fledged mail server, or can be a specialized SMTP Service. Some examples of a mail server include Microsoft Exchange, IMail by IPSwitch, or Mail Enable by Mail Enable. An example of a SMTP service is the SMTP Service installed that can be installed with IIS. SNM sends email to a relay server, and the relay server is responsible for delivering the email to the final destination. When sending email to a relay server, you must have protocol permissions to use that server. Because of SPAM problems, relay servers are normally locked down, either by IPAddress or by some type of username/password authentication. Relaying errors are the most common problems when programmatically sending emails. If you ever see an exception that reads something like "550 Permission Denied", this is usually a relay error, and you need to talk to your mail server administrator about proper permissions.

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